Loan Periods, Renewals and Fines for Materials

Material Type Loan Period Renewals Overdue Fines
Books, music CDs 3 weeks Multiple times* .25 per day
Audiobooks (on CD or cassette, Playaways) 4 weeks Multiple times* .25 per day
New books 2 weeks Multiple times* .25 per day
Videos, DVDs and Blu-Rays 2 weeks Multiple times* $1 per day
E-books and E-audiobooks 7, 14 or 21 days Varies No fines
Book Club Bags 8 weeks No renewals $1 per day

*Items may not be renewed if on reserve for another borrower.


Materials may be renewed by telephone, online or in person with your library card. For instructions on how to renew your own materials online, visit the renewals help on SUNCAT.

The Homebound Outreach Program

Many book lovers in our community are no longer able to attend the library due to illness or physical limitations. The Homebound Outreach program provides an opportunity for these patrons to continue reading and learning. Library books, large print materials, or audiobooks may be requested by phone, checked out to the patron’s library card and delivered to their home by volunteers.
Contact the Friends at for more details about the Homebound Outreach Program.


Books-by-Mail is a fast, convenient service to send library materials to people who are unable to access the library collection due to temporary or long-term physical or visual disability. Available materials are large-print books, audio books (CD and Cassette) and descriptive video recordings (VHS and DVD). Download the Books-by-Mail brochure for more information.

Talking Books

Sarasota County residents are served by the Pinellas Talking Book Library, a free service administered through the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative.

Through the Pinellas Talking Book Library, residents of all ages who are unable to read standard print material due to visual, physical or learning disabilities are provided recorded, Braille and large-print books and magazines as well as a collection of descriptive videos and playaways.

For more information on the Pinellas Talking Book Library and how to access its services, please visit or call 1-866-619-9568 or 727-441-9958.

Pinellas Talking Book Library is part of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a network of libraries serving people who have difficulty using or reading regular print. For more information on the NLS, please visit

Library Rules

The Rules of Conduct are intended to encourage behavior that supports the library’s mission to provide the best possible resources in a welcoming environment.

The County Facility Rules promote behavior that supports the mission of Sarasota County Government, the proper use of its facilities by the public, the protection and preservation of County facilities, and the health and safety of visitors and employees at County facilities.

Public Computer, Internet and Wireless Use Policies

Sarasota County Libraries provide computers for public use at all 9 libraries. Use of library computers implies acceptance of the policies and rules available at the start of each Internet session and available to read any time online at “Public Computer and Internet Policies and Rules of Use.”

Free wireless access in the libraries is provided by Sarasota County Government. Terms of service and acceptable use are presented for agreement at the start of each wireless session and may be downloaded: Sarasota County Government Wireless Internet Access Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.